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Whatever your commercial property challenge, whether idea validation or a real estate management plan, at ACRE we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. 

Feasibility Studies

Inform your real estate acquisition, leasing or site selection process with a study on the suitability of the space to the realization of your goals.


Investment Advisory

ACRE was founded by successful property investors, let our experiences inform your investment strategy and deployment. Collectively, the ACRE partners have leveraged minimal capital to accrue over $3 million of real property within Allegany County alone. 


Occupancy Planning

On average commercial tenants carry a vacancy level of 20%. We work with you to assess your use of space and develop plans to maximize utilization and explore alternative space solutions. 


Real Estate Management Plan

Maximizing the return on your commercial real estate asset means planning. We develop customized leasing and asset management plans that take into account factors such as tenant mix, marketing strategy, and capital improvement opportunities.


ACRE prides itself on being the authority on CRE market research for the Allegany County area.


Our research team is multidisciplinary, thorough and incisive. Headed by Dr. Nayano Taylor Neumann, ACRE research is equipped to deliver timely insights on complex questions.


Notably, our most recent research product identified an atypical stratification of household income in the area highlighting a high-income population that is underserved by existing retail offerings.




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