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A Coworking Space in Cumberland, MD


We are currently in the process of opening a coworking space located in the adjoining storefront to the ACRE office.


Freelancers, start ups, remote employees, artists and small businesses can find an affordable home amongst a supportive and vibrant community. 


ACRE Coworking will feature different levels of membership from full-time dedicated personal desk space to drop-in flex memberships. Essential facilities such as a multimedia projector and conference room will be available by reservation to all members. 


We aim to create a hub of ideas, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in downtown Cumberland at ACRE Coworking. We plan on instituting incubator programs and once a coworking member needs more space for their growing business, ACRE will be there to get them into to the perfect Allegany County space.


It is our goal to create reciprocal relationships with successful coworking spaces in nearby major cities so that there can be a natural flow of ideas, innovation and people from the urban centers to our mountain city.


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