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Seven easy tasks that will make your building much more marketable

Whether you are a seller or a landlord, don’t let your building say the worst word in CRE, "tired."

Wake up your building. Even if your real estate is not built to be photogenic, clean up those “small” things that you barely notice when you walk through.

Use these seven items as your task checklist:

7. Make sure all light bulbs are working

6. Cart away the sofa and television that somebody tossed next to the dumpster around back

5. Clean windows, and replace cracked or broken panes

4. Ceiling tiles: don’t skimp on humidity control. If you leave a space vacant for more than six weeks the ceiling tiles may bulge and yellow at the corners, even start to crumble.

3. Parking lots: Potential buyers are especially sensitive to broken asphalt, potholes and crumbled curbs. Don’t let grass grow between those driveway cracks.

2. Landscaping: Cut mature plants away from the building face. Not only do well-pruned plants improve curb appeal, but untrimmed foliage promotes mold and mildew growth on the building.

1. Smells: Mildew smells. Run dehumidifiers in vacant spaces and heat them in the winter.

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