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Why the mobile home sector is a good investment

The mobile home sector enables landlords to collect monthly site lease payments; PITI home loan payments; and apartment rent on homes sited there.

“Land lease community” is the current term used for on-site mobile homes and manufactured homes, modular homes, park model RVs, stick-built homes, and the occasional Tiny Home or other Accessory Dwelling Unit.hey are becoming desirable investments because of their identity as mixed use properties. They offer relative scarcity, low annual turnover’ (5% for homes and 10 % for site lessees), and a lower operating expense ratio.

The most important factor is on-site staff. They need to be able to sell new and resale manufactured homes; organize seller-financing or lease-optioning, in the face of stringent financial regulatory measures. On-site staff also need to closely monitor rental units.

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