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Want to sell or lease warehouses? This checklist can find a good deal

  1. Location: Proximity to highways, airports, seaports

  2. Loading: Dock high loading allows trucks to back up to the building and unload safely, quickly and efficiently. Buildings with grade-level loading are used by smaller operators that do not use semis

  3. Age of big-ticket Items: Roofs and HVAC or air conditioning units older than 10 years should make you pause.

  4. Construction: Metal has the lowest score for longevity, followed by CBS, with the best system being tilt-wall.

  5. Ceiling Clear Heights: When tenants pay for floor space on a per-square-foot basis, not cubic footage, the taller the warehouse, the better the value for a tenant. The industry standard for Class A space is a minimum of 32-foot clear heights to the lowest point of the ceiling.

  6. Parking: The more, the better, but at least one parking space per 1,000 square feet.

  7. Electrical Infrastructure: Preferred voltage for today’s modern machinery is 480V. The higher the amps, the more valuable your space will be.

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