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Our Story

Downtown Cumberland, Home of ACRE

Our firm is the legacy of three generations of successful real estate investors and professionals. 


ACRE was founded after our family came together, from living in New York City and Adelaide, Australia, to start a new life in the beautiful mountain city of Cumberland, MD. 


Each of us were working and investing in the NYC and Australian real estate markets and, after moving to Cumberland, found the needs in the commercial real estate services market immediately obvious. 


We adore Cumberland, which is why we chose to move across the world to live here. We have travelled all over the country, and all over the world, yet we have not found a place with more to offer than Cumberland. It is important that we share all that is unique, exceptional and exciting about our home with prospective businesses. 


The potential we see in Cumberland is exponential, which is why without any hesitation we moved here and invested in real estate and opened ACRE.


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